Inspired by the 2014 World Cup! The variations in tactical systems used by the all the teams involved were intriguing to say the least. As much as a wonderful volley into the top corner matches up to the fantasies of many, the tactical adaptation caused by various factors is, in my opinion, what makes football beautiful. Making adjustments to accommodate player strengths and weakness, player availability, conditions, form, opposition and so on are, for the most part, what football managers are paid to do. It is exciting to know that regardless how the odds are stacked, with just a hint of luck, there is always a winning combination. Looking at football from a scientific and statistical perspective is the key to unlocking these combinations. As in all sciences, there is a degree of uncertainty, but surely, making informed choices and giving yourself a higher percentage chance of winning on the basis these choices can do no harm.

Another inspiration for this blog is the transfer market. After reading plenty of fan material on who their club should sign and where they should play them, I felt that I could provide my opinion on these matters. The purpose of this blog is to analyse, with some core statistics, how various teams are setting up, how I feel they should set up and which players I think they should recruit to strengthen or eradicate weaknesses.

Just some personal background information: I am, first and foremost, a football enthusiast, I breathe, eat, dream, and (Insert any verb of your choice) all things football. An English Premier League expert more than anything, but always on the watch-out for anything interesting across the globe. I am also currently completing some coaching qualifications, while acting as an assistant coach for a youth team at a regional club. I also conduct video analysis for a few senior regional clubs. Studied journalism and broadcasting as a degree at university.

That’s all you need to know about this blog. I hope you enjoy and learn something new from what I post on here!!!

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